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Zwick sets the standards thanks to over 90 years' experience in materials testing combined with expertise gained from 15 years of Windows software programming. We developed our software for the Windows platform using state-of-the-art software technology and our extensive programming experience.

Zwick's testing software is straightforward and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, accurate and cost effective, intelligent and reliable—in short: the perfect solution. Whether you are testing to existing standards, creating your own test programs, or exporting your test data to a database, Zwick has the right solution—anytime, anywhere.

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Estándar "Made in Germany"

Fabricamos productos con el máximo esmero y precisión para clientes de todos los sectores y ofrecemos las soluciones más innovadoras para I+D. Nuestras máquinas de ensayo representan la etiqueta de calidad "Made in Germany". Todos nuestros sistemas de ensayo cumplen la directiva actual CE de maquinaria.

Descúbralo usted mismo, p. ej. en nuestro foro internacional de ensayos de materiales, testXpo, que celebramos anualmente en nuestra sede en Ulm (Alemania).

Dr. Jan Stefan Roell
testXpo pabellón
  • Made in Germany
  • Seguridad para todo el sistema de ensayos
  • Manejo ergonómico
  • Flexible y con garantía de futuro


Sistemas de ensayos Zwick Roell para un mundo mejor

Zwick es el proveedor líder global de máquinas de ensayo de materiales. Con una amplia gama de máquinas de ensayos de materiales, de accesorios y software de ensayos relacionados, ofrecemos la solución ideal para cualquier requisito de ensayo.

Characterization of coatings in the nano range

As coatings become thinner, the difficulty in determining their physical properties increases. The limits of previously tried and tested surface engineering techniques are encountered and results become unreliable. Available from Zwick is an efficient solution to this problem in the form of a tester developed specifically for characterizing mechanical surface properties in the micro and nano ranges.