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Testing laboratory for paper, textiles, foodstuffs and other materials

The 30+-year history of the Zwick testing laboratory has already seen almost all materials and components possible tested to customers' order. The list ranges from texture and viscosity tests on various foodstuffs (noodles, baked goods, fruit, dairy products ....) to a variety of tests on textiles (yarns, ropes, fabrics, geotextiles ....). Other items whose mechanical properties have been tested in our laboratory include various sports products (skis, running shoes, tennis racquets ...) and the products of technology (smartphones, notebooks, cameras ...) - there is nothing we don't test. We look forward to receiving your testing order!

A selection of tests:

  • paper/corrugated board (flexure tests, burst tests, compression tests, box crush tests ...)
  • foodstuffs (viscosity test on dairy products and sauces, texture analysis with indenter, shear tests, flexure tests, cutting tests)
  • packaging (peel test, sealed-seam strength, compression tests, function tests)
  • textiles (tensile tests, tear-growth tests, burst tests, adhesion tests...)
  • mechatronics (switch testing, checking spot-soldered joints, tests on actuators, tests on cables...)
  • tests on wood (tensile tests, flexure tests, compression tests...)
  • tests on building materials (roof tiles, wall tiles, insulating material...)
  • ...

What can we test for you?


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