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High Definition Software

When a hardness testing solution which delivers reliable, accurate and repeatable test results is needed, choose from the ZHμ.HD line of macro and micro hardness testing solutions - field-proven systems, offering beyond comparison capabilities and fully ASTM E 384, ISO 6507 and ISO 4545-compliant.

Precise positioning

With the image of the entire specimen via conventional flat bed scanner and its annotation tools, ZHμ.HD Software enables you to position indents precisely where they are required.

Precise, repeatable measurements

The high image resolution of the ZHμ.HD Software allows measurement of indents to be precise and repeatable.

Enhanced productivity

The ZHμ.HD Software combines ease of use, reliability and auto-calibration, minimizing the subjectively associated with human intervention. The system can run autonomous for hours without interruption.

Sophisticated reporting

The results are automatically transferred via data interface from ZHμ.HD software to testXpert II - the testing software for all Zwick testing machines and instruments. According to your requirements the reports are now generated.

With the hardness testing software ZHµ.HD the following hardness tester can be run:

         ZHU250CL                      ZHVµ                         ZHV30                    ZHV30/zwickiLine