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(047) ZHN Universal nanomechanical tester


  • determination of hardness and Young’s modulus of thin coatings and small structures as per ISO 14577 in the force range up to 2N
  • measurement of hardness and Young’s modulus profiles perpendicular to the surface and in cross-section
  • creep and fatigue tests in the micro and nano ranges

Key Features:

  • very rigid, robust, new-generation measuring-head
  • user-replaceable sensors for different force ranges
  • very stiff new frame design based on load frame for creep testing
  • fully automatic operation in both compression and tensile ranges
  • suitable for all indenters: Vickers, Berkovich, sphere, cone, flat punch, cube corner
  • excellent optical system with magnification up to 3350x
  • very fast, precise positioning - smallest step size 50 nm
  • upgradeable for use as scratch and wear tester

Advantages and benefits:

  • versatile, highly flexible instrument over a wide force range
  • unique accuracy in micro and nano ranges
  • eliminates multiple investments in different devices
  • fully automatic testing, including generation of surface images
  • versatile InspectorX software adapts to suit user’s needs


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