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(044) Vickers Hardness Tester: PC Version


  • determination of Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness in test-load ranges HV0.2 to HV30 and HBW1/1 to HBW1/30 for series and traverse tests
  • for use in testing laboratories for quality assurance and for production checks to EN ISO 6507, ISO 4545 and EN ISO 6506

Key Features:

  • deadweights with oil-brake
  • loading device with measuring microscope
  • Vickers 136° diamond pyramid indenter
  • 4 lenses for 100x to 600x magnification
  • manual x-y table

Advantages and benefits:

  • flexible test area, loading device swivels through 180°
  • PC version with testXpert II testing software
  • series and traverse tests in low-load range
  • report creation, import & export functions and database connection via testXpert


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