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(002) CMU30 automatic stand-alone cross-section measurement device

Determination of thickness and width of flat specimens

Key features

  • color touch-panel for operation and for displaying measured values; with language-swapping
  • direct import of measured values to testXpert II
  • optionally available ‚CMUshare‘ deployment software makes measured values available within the
    network for any desired number of testing machines
  • manual width-centering, automatic thickness-centering
  • includes setting standard
  • connection via RS232 interface
  • for specimens with the following dimensions: shoulder width max. 40 mm, parallel length min. 60 mm, specimen length min. 100 mm
  • thickness measurement data: measuring range 0.2 to 30 mm, resolution < 0.1 μm width measurement data: measuring range 6 to 40 mm, resolution < 0.1 μm

Customer advantages and benefits

  • high-precision cross-section measurement, highly resistant to temperature influences due to use of differential measuring-system with 4 high-resolution measuring-transducers mounted on an enclosed frame
  • operator influence largely eliminated (e.g. via width and thickness centering) for high test-result reproducibility
  • cross-section measuring unit can be used in conjunction with CMUshare software as a central dimension measuring station; assignment of data to correct specimen ensured by use of labeling (e.g. via barcode or felt pen)




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