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(175) zwickiLine 2.5 kN Materials Testing Machine

Determination of the maximum radial compression force and elastic recovery of stents (self-expanding / balloon-expanding)

Key features:

  • Z2.5 TN materials testing machine, Fmax. 2.5 kN
  • test speed: 0.001 to 1000 mm / min
  • test device to determine the radial compression force (6 devices available, with diameters from 16 to 60 mm and lengths 62-310 mm)
  • temperature chamber (room temperature to 40 ° C)

Advantages and benefits:

  • tests in temperature chamber at 37 ° C (body temperature)
  • testing in accordance with ASTM WK34602 (New guide for radial loading of balloon-expandable and self-expanding vascular stents)
  • low minimum opening-width depending on max. diameter between 0 and 1 mm testXpert II provides deformation and friction compensation
  • temperature measurement in the test device in proximity to the stent


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