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(080) AllroundLine 20 kN Materials Testing Machine

Simultaneous testing and evaluation of two gas springs

Key Features:

  • Z020 THW materials testing machine, Fmax. 20 kN, AllroundLine with IP54 Control Panel
  • test speed: 0.0005 to 4000 mm/min
  • display-equipped remote control
  • testXpert II Master test program for gas springs
  • customized grips, sensors and safety devices

Advantages and benefits:

  • EtherCAT drive with 24000mm/min enables test speed corresponding to actual operating conditions of gas springs
  • IP54 terminal can used in even the harshest environmental conditions
  • simultaneous testing of two specimens allows a significant reduction in cycle times
  • new Master test program covers a wide variety of test methods for gas springs and damper elements
  • customers’ specialized accessories can easily be installed on the machine and integrated into testXpert


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