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(146) Ball Indention Hardness Tester Type 3106

determining ball-indentation hardness of plastics and hard rubber to ISO 2039-1 (exhibited)

Additional applications:

  • determining Rockwell hardness to DIN EN 10109-1, EN ISO 6508
  • determining Rockwell hardness of carbon materials to DIN 51917, IEC 413
  • determining ball-indentation hardness of building plaster to DIN 1168-2
  • indentation tests on resilient materials coverings to DIN EN 433

Key features:

  • Zwick 3106 as ball-indentation hardness tester
  • test-load steps: 132 /358 / 961 N
  • test pre-load: 9.8 N
  • digital indentation depth-measurement device with electronic measurement and control unit
  • 5 mm ball indenter
  • specimen support table diameter 9 mm as per ISO 2039-1

Advantages and benefits:

  • universal range of application for plastics, metals and special materials
  • modular construction (load steps, indenter, electronics unit, test tables)
  • C-frame with lift-screw
  • deadweights with oil brake
  • guidance for operator on pre-load approach
  • connection option to testXpert


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