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(170) Pre-Owned Machine: Schenck-Trebel 100kN modernized with testControl II

Available for sale from our pre-owned market, this Schenck-Trebel machine is already modernized with testControl II. Pre-owned machines are already modernized with testControl or testControl II electronics, allowing for addition of new sensors and accessories.

Key Features:

  • Modernization of a Schenck-Trebel machine
  • Availability of pre-owned modernized machines with a fast delivery time

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Zwick guarantees that all pre-owned testing machines and instruments are fully operational, with up-to-date testing technology.
  • After thorough overhaul and reconditioning a pre-owned machine is absolutely comparable to a new machine in terms of serviceability, reliable service and upgradeability.
  • Immediate availability of pre-owned machines can solve immediate testing problems with a lower investment.




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