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(172) Materials Testing Machine 2.5 kN, zwickiLine

Tensile and compression test on springs

Key features:

  • Z2.5 TN materials testing machine, Fmax 2.5 kN
  • test speed 0.005…1000 mm/min
  • Safety device
  • Option 2000 Hz online test data transmission
  • Test frame for tensile and compression springs
  • Load cell with mechanical overload protection

Advantages and benefits:

  • Safety device with completely enclosed test chamber reliably protects the user at splintering samples
  • 2 test rooms for quick change of the application
  • Perfectly prepared test specifications for testing tensile and compression springs
  • The stiff frame allows in combination with the testXpert II correction curve function accurate strain measurement without additional extensometer
  • High user and machine safety through 2-channel safety circuit, mode selector switch and testXpert II operator u. Samples protective function
  • System monitoring provides the user with important status messages and indicators on the machine utilization


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