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(064) 100 kN Materials Testing Machine (servo-hydraulic)

fatigue tests on CFRP specimens

Key features:

  • extremely stiff HA100 2-column test-frame with actuator integrated into the lower crosshead; hydraulic crosshead adjustment and clamping
  • nominal capacity Fmax 100 kN
  • testing actuator with hydraulic bearings, Fmax 100 kN, stroke 100 mm
  • hydraulic grips for fatigue tests
  • testControl II measurement and control electronics
  • testXpert Research testing software

Advantages and benefits:

  • actuator recessed into the lower crosshead to minimize piston-rod length
  • ergonomic working height
  • testXpert Research provides integrated software for the entire test sequence, guiding the operator step by step through controller parameterization, the test sequence and result evaluation
  • controller PID settings, test sequence parameters and results are stored together in one file and in this way remain permanently accessible.




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