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Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH

Zwick Roell AG has held a 100% stake in Messphysik Materials Testing GmbH since 2006.  This innovative Austrian-based company has a long track-record of international success in optical strain measurement for materials testing.

Today Messphysik is the center of expertise within the Zwick Roell Group for optical strain measurement and creep testing and is also engaged in developing specialized testing systems such as biaxial and triaxial testing machines for medical technology. The use of Zwick Roell components allows Messphysik products to be sold and serviced worldwide.

Messphysik develops testing solutions based on the Zwick Roell product range to meet the most exacting requirements.  Close collaboration with customers is an essential element; key to the company’s success is its 30 years’ experience of materials testing and optical strain measurement technology, backed  by the commitment and flexibility of its employees.

Messphysik is ISO 9001 certified.

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