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  • Test device for endosseus dental implants
  • Endosseus dental implant

Dynamic fatigue test for endosseus dental implants to ISO 14801:2007

Dental implants are used as replacements for teeth. The implant is inserted into the jaw and functions in the same way as the root of the missing tooth. Using the test device for dental implants, a cyclic pulsating compressive load is applied to dental implants in accordance with the specifications of ISO 14801:2007

The ability to adjust the implant axis to the test axis from an angle of 0° to 50° and the rapid setting of 30° to ISO 14801:2007 enables dental implant systems with and without angled connectors to be investigated with this test device. Embedding the dental implant in a cylindrical holder enables different thread designs to be compensated for and the lever ratios of the implant in question to be adjusted. The cylindrical holder is retained in the test device by means of a clamping device.

The tests can optionally be performed under physiological (invivo) conditions by using the Zwick thermoregulation bath.

The Amsler HC Compact dynamic testing machine features compact design and extremely low noise, providing an optimum solution to testing dental implants in any laboratory when used in conjunction with the test device for dental implants.

For practical statistical evaluations of fatigue tests in the finite life range (“High Cycle Fatigue”) and in the transitional range to fatigue strength (“Long Life Fatigue”), Zwick offers the technical-scientific program SAFD (Statistical Analysis of Fatigue Data).



Fatigue test on dental implants - von dentalen Implantaten (ISO 14801)

Fatigue test on dental implants (ISO 14801) - Ermüdungsprüfung von dentalen Implantaten nach ISO 14801
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